The Chero Kasi Veldt


Geography of the Veldt
Climate, Flora, Fauna
Military and Police
Courts and Prison
The Shepards of the Faith
The Mysteries
Naming Conventions
Currency and Economy
Races of the Veldt

Geography of the Veldt



Climate, Flora, Fauna


  • Type of Government: Darwinist Autocracy
    • Current Ruler: Sharam Hungry-Dreamer
    • Each district is led by a Master of the Hunt either chosen by its districts citizens or “appointed” by the autarch
    • The Masters of the Hunt form a privy council who answer to and advise the Autarch
    • Standard: A five pointed, five coloured star encircled on a field of white.
  • Population: 5,578,120 Raksa (40% Chook, 25% Shgal, 15% Enkir, 10% Shefak, 10% Galaki)
  • Demonym: Cheronite, Kasian, Child of the Veldt, Raksa

Military and Police

The Might of the Veldt lies in its defensive force for there is no military that rivals that of the Raksa. Trained from birth to be the perfect soldiers, the Chero Kasi nation is very much a military based society built on the principle, only the strong survive.

  • Sarkana

The Sarkana is the entirety of the military defensive force of the veldt with each Master of the Hunt acting as general for that district’s forces. All are answerable to the Autarch and to the Council of Confessors. Military service is not a choice and the punishment for refusal or for running away is death. Young raksa soldiers undergo informal training from birth and enter into the Sarkad School at the age of ascension for their tribe where they undergo at least 5 years of intense training designed to weed out the weak who are invariably put to death.

When they finish their training at the Sarkad School, they undergo the Crucible which is a series of tests designed to measure their skills. Those who survive are inducted into the national rolls of the Sarkana as Empty Hands and slowly and surely work their way up the ranks. In order to attain the next achievable rank in the Sarkana, a formal challenge is declared to the next ranking member of the military and a game is held with the rank going to the survivor.

Sarkana Rank Duties
Autarch Overlord of the entire Sarkana
Masters of the Hunt Field Generals for each district as well as the appointed Chief of its tribe.
Blademasters Each district has 30 Wards and each is ruled by a Blademaster
Wardmasters Each Ward is divided further into zones and is ruled by a Wardmaster
Highguard Each zone has 5 Highguards who oversee their particular area the zone
Reavers 1 – 10 The basic military rank that populates the majority of the Sarkana

Courts and Prison

  • The only prison is the one attached to the Soladium where the gladiatorial fights occur. The Soladium is located in the Capital at Chookadani.

The Shepards of the Faith

  • The Raksa all worship the four elder gods, though they call them the Others. Creatures of thought and purpose so grand and expansive to be wholly incomprehensible to any living person. Their religion is strict and allows no room for any change in the evolution of thought. Heresy is always met with a fiery death.
  • Hierarchy of the Order
    • The Council of Confessors – 15 of the oldest priests who oversee the entire faith
    • The Elder Shephards – 10 of the oldest shephards for each city who oversee the faithful there
    • The Shephards – the itinerant faithful who proselytize and convert and punish

The Whispered Arts

  • The grey sciences are considered a gift from the Others and is believed to come directly from them, making us conduits for their will. Those who pursue the study of the mystical arts must find a Grandmaster to teach them the ways.
    • There is no singular school for magic, rather it is made up of Grandmasters who have studied and become very powerful who are willing to share their knowledge with those they find to be worthy.
    • The philosophy behind their mystical beliefs calls magic use


Language Region/Population/Percentage
Minglye Common tongue spoken by all raksa
Heglik dialect spoken by the Galaki
Rongloptic dialect spoken by the Shgal
Glissedrile dialect spoken by the Enkir
Risheglye dialect spoken by the Shefak

Naming Conventions

Currency and Economy

The Chero Kasi nation has never created their own currency and use the currency of the empire, not just the printed money form used today but also the coins of old still have value to them.

Standard Currency Setting Name
Platinum Noble
Gold Guinea
Silver Shekel
Copper Stiver

The Chero Kasi Veldt

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